Commit b5e48eb5 authored by Tobias Megies's avatar Tobias Megies
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automatic script: correct problem in QuakeML URI

parent d95739f8
......@@ -256,13 +256,14 @@ def calculate_moment_magnitudes(cat, output_file):
mag.mag_errors.uncertainty = Mw_std
mag.magnitude_type = "Mw"
mag.origin_id =[0].resource_id
mag.method_id = "Custom fit to Boatwright spectrum"
mag.method_id = "smi:com.github/krischer/moment_magnitude_calculator/automatic/1"
mag.station_count = len(moments)
mag.evaluation_mode = "automatic"
mag.evaluation_status = "preliminary"
mag.comments.append(Comment( \
"Seismic Moment=%e Nm; standard deviation=%e" % (moment,
mag.comments.append(Comment("Custom fit to Boatwright spectrum"))
if source_radius > 0 and source_radius_std < source_radius:
mag.comments.append(Comment( \
"Source radius=%.2fm; standard deviation=%.2f" % (source_radius,
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