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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Matplotlib legend handler for text artists
Based on
Created on Fri May 7 10:29:50 2021
@author: kris
from matplotlib.legend_handler import HandlerBase
from matplotlib.text import Text
class TextHandler(HandlerBase):
Handler for text artists in matplotlib legends
:param font_size:
float, font size
(default: 10)
:param font_weight:
str, font weight, e.g. 'normal', 'bold'
(default: 'normal')
:param font_color:
matplotlib color spec for font
(default: 'k')
In order to use this, add the following lines in your script after importing:
from matplotlib.legend import Legend
Legend.update_default_handler_map({str : TextHandler()})
def __init__(self, font_size=10, font_weight='normal', font_color='k'):
self.font_size = font_size
self.font_weight = font_weight
self.font_color = font_color
def create_artists(self, legend, text ,xdescent, ydescent,
width, height, fontsize, trans):
tx = Text(width/2.,height/2, text, fontsize=self.font_size,
ha="center", va="center", fontweight=self.font_weight,
return [tx]
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