Commit ac1a5dc6 authored by Kris Vanneste's avatar Kris Vanneste
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Added 'label_format' property to GridStyle.

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parent 866de23d
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@ class GridStyle(BasemapStyle):
:param contour_labels:
list or array, containing contour levels to be labeled
(default: None)
:param label_format:
str, format of contour labels
(default: None, will use format property of :param:`colorbar_style`)
:param colorbar_style:
instance of :class:`ColorbarStyle`, will override colorbar_style
property of color_map_theme
......@@ -49,20 +52,18 @@ class GridStyle(BasemapStyle):
levels: "/" | "\\" | "|" | "-" | "+" | "x" | "o" | "O" | "." | "*"
Note: repeat pattern format to increase density, e.g. "//"
or "..."
Note: format of contour labels is determined by format property
of colorbar_style.
def __init__(self, color_map_theme=ThematicStyleColormap("jet"),
color_gradient="continuous", pixelated=False, line_style=None,
contour_levels=None, contour_labels=None, colorbar_style=None,
hillshade_style=None, fill_hatches=[]):
contour_levels=None, contour_labels=None, label_format=None,
colorbar_style=None, hillshade_style=None, fill_hatches=[]):
self.color_map_theme = color_map_theme
self.color_gradient = color_gradient
self.pixelated = pixelated
self.line_style = line_style
self.contour_levels = contour_levels
self.contour_labels = contour_labels
self._label_format = label_format
if colorbar_style:
self.color_map_theme.colorbar_style = colorbar_style
self.hillshade_style = hillshade_style
......@@ -79,10 +80,12 @@ class GridStyle(BasemapStyle):
def label_format(self):
if self.color_map_theme and self.color_map_theme.colorbar_style:
if self._label_format is not None:
return self._label_format
elif self.color_map_theme and self.color_map_theme.colorbar_style:
return self.color_map_theme.colorbar_style.format
return "%s"
return "%E"
class HillshadeStyle(BasemapStyle):
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