Commit aa45dccc authored by Kris Vanneste's avatar Kris Vanneste
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Improved to_shapely method of PolygonData.

git-svn-id: 40b490c5-b4d9-47cb-8714-9bef99b524d5
parent 18e3049d
......@@ -48,13 +48,21 @@ class PolygonData(SingleData):
if self.z is None or set(self.z) == set([None]):
return shapely.geometry.Polygon(list(zip(self.lons, self.lats)),
if self.interior_lons:
shp = shapely.geometry.Polygon(list(zip(self.lons, self.lats)),
[list(zip(self.interior_lons[i], self.interior_lats[i]))
for i in range(len(self.interior_lons))])
return shapely.geometry.Polygon(list(zip(self.lons, self.lats, self.z)),
shp = shapely.geometry.Polygon(list(zip(self.lons, self.lats)))
if self.interior_lons:
shp = shapely.geometry.Polygon(list(zip(self.lons, self.lats, self.z)),
[list(zip(self.interior_lons[i], self.interior_lats[i], self.interior_z[i]))
for i in range(len(self.interior_lons))])
shp = shapely.geometry.Polygon(list(zip(self.lons, self.lats, self.z)))
return shp
def get_ogr_geomtype(self):
return ogr.wkbPolygon
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