Commit 977bb7a9 authored by Kris Vanneste's avatar Kris Vanneste
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Solved PY2/3 compatibility issue in get_data method of GisData.

git-svn-id: 40b490c5-b4d9-47cb-8714-9bef99b524d5
parent 27735eee
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ class GisData(BasemapData):
for attrib_name in self.joined_attributes.keys():
key = self.joined_attributes[attrib_name]['key']
value_dict = self.joined_attributes[attrib_name]['values']
first_value = value_dict.values()[0]
first_value = list(value_dict.values())[0]
first_non_none_value = next((val for val in value_dict.values() if val is not None), None)
if isinstance(first_non_none_value, (int, float)):
default = np.nan
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