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Added create_buffer method to MultiData.

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......@@ -584,6 +584,35 @@ class MultiData(BasemapData):
## Save and close the data source
def create_buffer(self, distance):
Create buffer around multipoint, multiline or multipolygon feature.
Note: the buffer distance is in the same units as the dataset,
which is normally degrees. If metric distance is required, the
dataset should first be reprojected (not supported) or read
in the native coordinate system!
:param distance:
float, buffer distance (in dataset units)
instance of :class:`PolygonData` or :class:`MultiPolygonData`
from .polygon import PolygonData
buffers = []
for single_data in self:
geom = single_data.to_ogr_geom()
buf = geom.Buffer(distance)
poly = buffers[0]
for buf in buffers[1:]:
poly = poly.Union(buf)
return PolygonData.from_ogr(poly)
def export_ogr(lbm_data, layer_name):
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