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    Added new WCSConnection class. · 51de2c41
    Kris Vanneste authored
    Reimplemented __init__ method of WCSData in a more efficient way.
    Added 'nodata_value', 'unit' and 'value_conversion' arguments to __init__ method of WCSData.
    Added get_native_crs method to WCSData.
    Renamed get_native_cellsize method of WCSData to get_native_cell_size, and simplified it.
    Simplified get_native_bbox method of WCSData.
    Replaced get_coverage method of WCSData with read_coverage.
    Added get_url, close and __del__ methods to WCSData.
    Renamed resx and resy property methods of WCSData to _resx and _resy.
    Reipplemented to_gdal_raster_data method of WCSData.
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